Health and Safety Guide for Employees in the Hospitality Industry

Health and Safety Guide for Employees in the Hospitality Industry (Indonesia)

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Health and Safety Guide for Employees in the Hospitality Industry

Welcome to Le Ciel Hospitality! Below, you will find the health and safety guide for employees in the hospitality industry.

“Le Ciel Hospitality” is a unique and memorable name, with “Le Ciel” translating from French to “The Sky” in English, suggesting a high standard or an aspirational quality of service. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. This guide is designed to provide you with essential information about health and safety procedures in the hospitality industry.


Welcome to Le Ciel Hospitality! We’re thrilled to have you join our team. The purpose of this handbook is to outline safety procedures to ensure your safety and the safety of others while working. Your health and safety matter to us, and we are committed to providing a safe work environment and preventing accidents and injuries.

Your Responsibilities

Follow safety guidelines and procedures at all times, including proper use of equipment, maintaining a clean work area, and following safe food handling practices. Report any hazards or safety concerns to your supervisor immediately, and attend mandatory safety training sessions to gain valuable knowledge and skills for working safely.

For example, if you notice a spill in the kitchen, immediately report it to the kitchen manager to prevent slips and falls. Attendance at mandatory safety training sessions equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary for a safe work environment.

Learn Evacuation Routes and Stay Prepared

Here’s what you can do:

  • Actively seek out the posted diagrams or floor plans in common areas, staff rooms, and near your work area.
  • Take a moment to review these resources and mentally map out the evacuation route from your work station to the designated assembly point.
  • Identify the location of the nearest first aid kit so you can access it if needed.

Remember: Familiarizing yourself with these details can make a significant difference in an emergency situation. Don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor or a member of the safety team if you have any questions.

Emergency Procedures

Know the emergency evacuation routes and assembly points, and familiarize yourself with first aid kits and emergency equipment locations. In case of fire, follow the R.A.C.E. protocol: Rescue, Alarm, Contain, and Extinguish/Evacuate.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wear appropriate PPE provided by the company, such as gloves, aprons, or slip-resistant shoes, and use them correctly to maintain good condition. Hazard Communication Be aware of chemical hazards, read labels and safety data sheets before using any chemicals, and report any spills or leaks immediately.

Safe Lifting and Manual Handling

Use proper lifting techniques, ask for assistance when lifting heavy objects, and prioritize health and hygiene by washing hands regularly and following food safety guidelines.

For example, when lifting heavy boxes in the storage area, bend your knees and use your legs to lift, rather than your back, to prevent strains or injuries.

Store chemicals safely (follow designated storage areas) and report any spills immediately. Additionally, store chemicals properly, and report any spills or leaks immediately to prevent accidents.

Example of Chemical Safety: always wear gloves and eye protection when handling cleaning chemicals. Never mix cleaning products, as it can create harmful fumes.

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Reporting Procedures

Report any accidents, injuries, or near misses to your supervisor, and complete incident reports accurately and promptly to help investigate accidents and implement corrective measures.

For instance, if you witness a slip-and-fall accident in the dining area, immediately notify your supervisor and fill out an incident report detailing the circumstances.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Recognize the signs of workplace violence, and report any incidents or threats immediately to your supervisor or security personnel.

For example, if you notice a guest becoming aggressive towards staff members, alert your supervisor immediately to prevent escalation and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Emergency Contacts (in Indonesia)

The emergency numbers in Indonesia: Police (110), Ambulance (118 and 119), Fire Department (113), Electricity Company (PLN) (123), and 112 Emergency number for various types of emergencies.

Emergency Contact Worldwide

If the country to are visiting is not listed in the chart below, you can download a complete list of emergency telephone numbers (PDF file) from the U.S. Department of State.

CountryAmbulance (Cell)Fire (Cell)Police (Cell)
Australia000 (112)000 (112)000 (112)
Austria112, 144112, 122112, 133
Belgium101 (112)101 (112)101 (112)
British Virgin Islands999999999
China120119110, 122
Costa Rica911911911
Czech Republic112, 155150158
Dominican Republic911911911
France112, 15112, 18112, 17
Greece112, 166112, 199112, 100
Hong Kong999999999
India102101100, 103
Ireland112, 999112, 999112, 999
Italy112, 118112, 115112, 113
Korea (South)119119112
Latvia112, 03112, 01112, 02
Luxembourg112, 113112, 113112, 113
New Zealand111111111
Norway112, 110112, 110112, 110
Poland112, 199112, 199112, 199
Puerto Rico911911911
Scotland112, 999112, 999112, 999
South Africa101771017710111
South Africa (Cape Town)107107107
Turkey101, 112102100
Ukraine03, 1180102
United Arab Emirates998, 999998, 999998, 999
United Kingdom112, 999112, 999112, 999
Uruguay999, 911999, 911999, 911
U.S. Virgin Islands911911911
Vatican City113115112

Please note that all numbers provided at the time of creating this document are accurate. However, we do not take responsibility for any changes that may occur thereafter.

Working Together

By following these guidelines, we create a safe and healthy environment for everyone. Don’t hesitate to ask supervisors or the safety team if you have questions.

Remember, your health and safety are everyone’s responsibility. By working together and following these guidelines, we can create a safe and healthy work environment for all. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor or a member of the health and safety team. Stay safe!

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