Avila Hotel in Trawas, 2-star with Mountain Views | East Java, Indonesia

Avila hotel in trawas east java indonesia

Avila Hotel 2-star with Mountain Views – Trawas, East Java, Indonesia

Discover this emblematic and unmissable hotel in Trawas, East Java, Indonesia with mountain views. Avila hotel is ideally located in Trawas, facing Arjuna mountain and it has 25 bedrooms.

You will discover a perfect association with the natural and sublime decor that surrounds it. The breathtaking views from the hotel over the horizon of the mountains are magical.

On a tree-lined road, this hotel is situated 2 km (1,2 miles) from Dlundung waterfalls, and 17 km (10.5 miles) from Hindu/Buddhist sanctuaries at Mount Penanggungan. It’s 12 km (7.4 miles) from the Nasional 23 highway.

The relaxed rooms feature Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and tea and coffee making facilities. Upgraded rooms add verandas or balconies. Room service is available.

To admire the natural beauties of the region, head for the pleasant Arjuno-Welirang (volcano). Trawas is only 1.5 hours drive from Surabaya.

Breakfast is available. There’s a restaurant/cafe and a veranda, as well as a balcony with mountain views. Other amenities include karaoke and meeting space.

Trawas is a city in East Java (Indonesia), only 1.5 hours drive from Surabaya. It offers many Popular Discoveries, including Jolotundo Temple, Mount Penanggungan, making it a great choice for travelers.

Arrival : 14:00
Departure : 12:00 noon

★★ Avila Ketapan Rame Hotel, Trawas, Indonesia

78 Jalan Raya Tretes – Trawas, 61375 Trawas, Indonesia – Setelah memesan, semua rincian akomodasi termasuk nomor telepon dan alamat akan disertakan dalam konfirmasi pemesanan dan akun Anda.

Trawas touristic guide

When visiting Trawas, Avila Hotel is a great choice to consider. Trawas is a smaller but a beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit. You will be surprised by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore at this hidden destination.

Talking about the natural beauty of Indonesia is definitely endless. This country has become a magnet for local and foreign tourists. Starting from mountains, seas, highlands, valleys, forests and many others, all of which are very beautiful.

Perhutani Trawas: Best Trekking Routes

Want to find the best routes in Perhutani Trawas for an adventure hike or a family outing? AllTrails brings you 1 great hiking routes and more. Use our hand-picked trail maps, plus reviews and photos from nature enthusiasts like you. Ready for your next hike or bike ride? We’ve got you covered too, with routes ranging from 1 196 meters (3 923 ft). Whatever your program for the day, you will find the perfect itinerary for your next visit to Perhutani Trawas.

Mount Penanggungan via Kedungudi

Distance: 11.3km
Ascent: 1196 m
Type of route: Loop

Mount Penanggungan (also called Pawitra). Mount Penanggungan is a small mountain in the larger Arjuno Welirang Mountains cluster. Check out this 11.3 km (7 miles) loop route near Pacet, East Java. This course is generally considered difficult. It’s a popular place for roaming and hiking, so you’re likely to come across people during your excursion. The best time to visit is from August to November.

The hike through this route is shorter than the Tamiajeng route, but the terrain is steeper.

The hiking trail is filled with pine and alang alang forests, the closer you get to the top, the steeper and rockier the climbing terrain will be.

This path will also take you to see several historical temples of the Majapahit kingdom in Indonesia.

Waterfalls Tour

Dlundung Waterfall

This waterfall is located in the Dlundung Village Tourism area, Forest, Ketapanrame, Kec. Trawas, Mojokerto Regency, East Java. They are accessible on foot and offer a beautiful view of the surrounding nature.

Dlundung Waterfall has an exotic natural panorama. Because of its location between the forest on the slopes of Mount Welirang which is quite dense. Many large trees grow around it. No doubt, the air in this nature tour feels cool. This waterfall is suitable to unwind with friends, family or beloved lover.

RODHI BILLAH. Dlundung Water fall
Dlundung Waterfall. Rodhi Billah, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The height of Dlundung Waterfall is about 14 meters (46 ft). The water that falls from the cliff is not too heavy. So, the visitors are safe to play under it. Apart from playing in the water, tourists can also take selfies under it. Two photo spots that are no less interesting are on the stage on the right side of the waterfall and in front of the name Dlundung Waterfall.

Selfie spots can also be found in the Dlundung Waterfall parking area. Namely with the background of the name Dlundung Waterfall and the thick forest above it. Access from the parking area to the waterfall is in the form of concrete stairs and paving roads amidst the shade of trees.

Hike in the hills: Trawas is surrounded by green hills that offer breathtaking panoramic views. You can hike in the hills of Gunung Arjuno, Gunung Welirang or Gunung Penanggungan, to experience nature and beautiful surrounding landscapes.

Prigen Waterfall: Kakek Bodo

Kakek Bodo Waterfall itself is a waterfall destination that is included in the Trawas / Tretes Tourism Area.

Having a height of up to 850 meters (2788 ft), Kakek Bodo Waterfall is famous for its exotic natural scenery.

You can also enjoy various rides and photo spots while on vacation to Kakek Bodo Waterfall.

Kakek Bodo Waterfall
Kakek Bodo Waterfall. Eveline Tania Mustika, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Tea Plantation Tour

Trawas is also known for its Wonosari Tea Plantation. It offers a great view of terraced tea plantations. You can also visit the tea factory to learn about the tea making process.

Wonosari Tea Plantation is located on the slopes of Mount Arjuna, with some facilities: swimming pool, cottages, jogging tracks area, camping grounds, and many other. This garden is an agro-tourism and is located at an altitude of 950-1250 meters (3116-4101 ft) above sea level.

Visiting Temples

Trawas also has many ancient temples that are worth visiting including Jolotundo Temple and Bayi Temple. They offer a unique cultural experience and will allow you to discover the history and traditions of the region.

Jolotundo temple

It is located at the foot of Mount Penanggungan on its western face 7 km north of Trawas. Built in andesite in year 977, but taken over in the 14th century, the Candi Jalatunda has been magnificently restored in recent years.

RA 3210011
The holy pool of Jalatunda. ESCapade, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Petirtaan Jolotundo, also known as Candi Jolotundo or Jalatunda, is an ancient temple complex which is a sacred pond area built since the time of the Medang Kingdom which had moved from Central Java to East Java, or commonly called Medang in the East Java period and is still functioning today.

It is estimated that it was originally built during the reign of Sri Isyana Tunggawijaya, the daughter of the king of Medang (Mpu Sindok) with her husband Sri Lokapala who was a nobleman from the island of Bali.

Candi jolotundo 2017
Jolotundo temple. Lasthib, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bayi temple

The temple is beautiful and good for camping tents too before the summit

A small temple on the mountain climbing route. Bayi Temple is located on the slopes of Mount Penaggungan at an altitude of 810 meters (2657,48 ft). Actually, what is called the Baby Temple are two piles of temple stones that are already irregularly arranged. t is very difficult to determine the direction facing this temple. Among the stones of the temple there are several stones which have horizontal seams and oblique seams.

In summary, if you are looking to experience the nature and culture of Indonesia, Trawas is an ideal destination for you. Stunning landscapes, waterfalls, tea plantations, and ancient temples make this a must-see place on your trip to Indonesia.

Ready to book your hotel in Trawas, East Java?

You will discover a perfect association with the natural and sublime decor that surrounds it. The breathtaking views from the hotel over the horizon of the mountains are magical.

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